Sandra Bullock is one of the most talented actresses we have on the silver screen. From serious and tragic to action and comedy, we really can’t help but love her films. I prefer her comedies over her dramas, personally. I love when she gets her clumsy slapstick comedy going and she’s just a bot tom boyish. However, that doesn’t mean she can’t do drama. I’ve compiled a list of the best Sandra Bullock films. Which do you think is her best, and which one is your favorite?

10) Demolition Man

Although Sandra Bullock did a great job in this film, I don’t think of this one as one of her best. I know everyone loves his film, and it’s true it was a fun film and full of humor, but there wasn’t a lot of ‘acting’ involved in the one. Sandra’s role wasn’t very complicated. Still, she’s so chipper and adorable, I had to put it on the list.

9) 28 Days

This is one of her best performances, and definitely an excellent film, although highly underrated in my opinion. It really took me a while to get used to her in this particular film, although the acting was brilliant for me it just didn’t really fit her. Sandra did an excellent job portraying a recovering alcoholic and although her comedies are much more suited to her talents, this one is still an excellent movie that should not be overlooked.

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  • Kelsey

    How do you not have Hope Floats on this list?Seriously?!