Chronicle was a film about three youths who encounter a strange alien object and develop telekinetic abilities as a result. Although initially it brings the boys closer together, their three different personalities respond very differently to their sudden superhero status, with tragic consequences.

There’s been discussion about a sequel, but it’s just been announced that Max Landis, who wrote the script for Chronicle will not be working on the film. As a result, he’s spoken openly about the screenplay he had in mind. Tentatively entitled Martyr, it built on the themes raised in the first film rather than being a direct continuation of events and was told from the perspective of a woman with mental health issues who is willing to martyr herself in the name of being the world’s first villain.

Fascinating though the concept sounds, it’s unlikely to ever reach the big screen now. Instead, why don’t you check out one of these films based around an antihero?


M Knight Shyamalan’s directorial follow up to the critically acclaimed The Sixth Sense, Unbreakable stars Bruce Willis as security guard David Dunn who gradually comes to the realisation that he is a real life superhero. Willis gives a surprisingly understated performance as the former star college football player who discovers that he is invulnerable.

However, the film’s real focus is the character of Elijah Price (Samuel L Jackson). Born with a rare disorder that means that his bones break easily, Price turns to comic books to entertain himself during his multiple stays in hospital. He comes to the conclusion that if he is at the frail end of the spectrum then there must logically be someone at the other end who is unbreakable and he sets out on a quest to find his alter ego.

‘Mr Glass’, as he was nicknamed in school, is a tragic character, driven insane over the years by chronic pain and the bullying he was subjected to at school. Although Jackson creates someone who it is impossible not to feel sorry for at the same time, it mustn’t be forgotten that this is a madman who has murdered hundreds of people just to prove a comic book inspired theory.

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