Jeff Nichol’s follow up to Mud is called Midnight Special, but not much else is known about it other than it’s a science fiction story based around a father and son on the run and features Michael Shannon and Joel Edgerton. Now it’s been announced that Kirsten Dunst will be in the film, although no details have been given out about her character. Is she the romantic lead? The villain? Right now, the filmmakers are tight lipped.

Dunst has had a long and glittering career, so while we’re waiting for more information about the film, why not check out some of her best films?

Interview with the Vampire

Dunst first came to international recognition at the age of 12 when she played Claudia in the film adaptation of Anne Rice’s Interview with the Vampire.
Interview with the Vampire is the story of a journalist (Christian Slater) interviewing a genuine vampire, Louis (Brad Pitt), who tells him his life story. He met Claudia when she was a sick child, staying with her dead mother. Louis feeds on the girl who is later transformed into a vampire by Lestat (Tom Cruise), Louis’ sire, as a companion for Louis in an attempt to keep Louis with him.

Lestat teaches Claudia everything she needs to know about being a vampire and as the years pass, she becomes a vicious killer. However, when she realises that she is trapped forever in the body of a child, despite having adult thoughts and needs, Claudia becomes irate and tricks Lestat into drinking from twin boys she’s already killed, knowing that this will weaken him. She then attempts to kill Lestat before fleeing with Louis.

The film was generally well received, author Anne Rice praising Tom Cruise for his performance, having previously been sceptical of his ability to play the part. It was nominated for two Academy Awards, but took home the Golden Raspberry for Worst Screen Couple for Cruise and Pitt.

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  • Kelsey

    Why is Crazy Beautiful on this list or Elizabethtown?Those 2 movies are some of her best acting!

    • Kelsey

      *not on this list