While many of us only have an attention span that allots for about an hour and a half of film time, there are some movies that require you to pay attention a lot longer. These films are called epic films, which to me just translates as ‘really long movies’. Epic films, however, do tell the tale of something historical or heroic and are therefore worth the four hours you invest in them. I remember being able to tell it was an epic film because it came with two VHS’s in the case. Here’s a list of the top twelve most notable epic films. Yes, I know I left out all of the Lord of the Rings Films, but those are already a given as being the best epic movies.

12) 300

Who doesn’t love this movie? I’ll admit it, it took me a good while to watch this because I don’t care for the graphics (which is why it’s ranked so low on my movie-o-dometer) but 300 was very well done, the battle scenes were really awesome and the graphics were actually very cool.

11) Titanic

Ah, Leonardo DiCaprio in the role of Jack Dawson. I love Leo. I also love the movie Titanic, but then again, who doesn’t? The scene in the end where the woman is putting her children to bed as the ship sinks, and the elderly couple are lying in bed holding each other makes me cry every time. Every time. This movie is brilliant and beautiful and you can see the amount of work that was put into this one to make it as realistic as possible.

10) The Last Emperor

I have watched this film numerous times and I can honestly say that this movie gets better every time I watch it. There’s always something I miss, some little background detail I didn’t see or line I didn’t quite catch. This movie is very long, and very beautiful and it is most certainly worth seeing over and over again.

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