Romantic comedies are some of the finest films out there. A good romantic comedy will make you laugh, make you cry a little, and then make you feel all warm and mushy inside when it ends. Although there are countless romantic comedies out there, this is my top twelve list of ‘must see’ romantic comedy films. You won’t be disappointed.

12) The Wedding Date

I read the book this was made from, and the book was absolutely hysterical. Only chaos and mayhem can happen when a woman hires a male escort to her sister’s wedding in order to make her ex-fiance jealous. When I watched the movie I was sad that some very cool parts were left out (which is why it has a low ranking). However, this movie is definitely worth watching and is still on my list of the best.

11) As Good as it Gets

Helen Hunt is absolutely amazing in this movie! I love how Jack Nicholson is so real in this film. He says the right thing, then the wrong thing, and then gets upset when she doesn’t pay attention to him. This movie finds love in some of the oddest places and you can’t help but think, well, maybe as good as it gets isn’t really so bad.

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