Humans have always been fascinated with the fantasy of giving sentient life to inanimate objects or animals. As far back as the old black and white TV we had shows like Mr. Ed the talking horse. In the cinema movies like Babes in Toyland were popular also. In the genre of Horror, some of the scariest films involved talking dolls, which I don’t know about you, but they scare the crap out of me. Whether the movies are funny, scary, or whatever, talking objects make good cinema. Over my film watching history I have seen many that surpassed the other for one reason or another. After double-checking with friends, relatives, and the all-powerful Internet I have honed down my list to the top 6 films that I consider the best for one reason or another. There are some comedy, some action, and some horror, but all are good examples of this theme. As usual, not all films of this sort are included here, but if you check the list out and think I missed one of the best, let me know. Until then, here they are, enjoy!

#6 – Maximum Overdrive (1986)


Director: Stephen King
From the Short story Trucks By: Stephen King
Screenplay By: Stephen King
Production Company: De Laurentiis, De Laurentiis Entertainment Group (DEG)


A very simple plot, which is a group of townspeople try to stay alive while machines all around them come alive with murderous intent. I believe it is classified as a horror film, but as you can see by the clip, the film is rather humorous, even if that wasn’t the intent. The story is based on a short story by horror-king Steven King and is a perfect example of the type of film that gets on this list.

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  • SD

    The fact that Small Soldiers is number one on this list is bad enough. But why is The Labyrinth on here. It is NOT a film where inanimate objects come to life. It’s a fantasy adventure film with puppets. Who writes these articles?!

  • Juan

    Toy Story should be number 1