Man’s best friend can sometimes aspire to higher levels according to the subject of our list this time. Dogs have always been real heroes throughout history, but in entertainment it goes even further. On TV we had Lassie and Rin-Tin-Tin, even Underdog, who actually crossed over into a film that made it on to this list. On the big screen there have been many great dog-heroes, some in movies that made this list. When I set out to decide which movies made it to my list I took many things into account, whether the films were comedies or action films didn’t really matter, what did is the dog. From Bolt to Old Yeller, there are many dogs in film who would classify as heroes. The bigger the hero, the better, and the more fantastic the more I liked it. See if you think the same as you watch my top dog hero movies.

#5 – Bingo (1991)

Director: Matthew Robbins
Writer: Jim Strain
Production Company: TriStar Pictures

A young boy who has trouble making friends and fitting in meets up with a dog who has run away from the circus. They soon become close friends and have the requisite adventures a good family film should have. This is a fun film suitable for the whole family and Bingo, the title hero dog makes this movie the first on our countdown.

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