Richard Curtis has said that About Time is possibly his last film. It tells the story of a young man who discovers that, just like other men in his family, he’s able to travel in time and change the events of his life so that he can have the happiest experiences possible.
Starring Domhnall Gleeson as Tim, the young man in question, with Bill Nighy as his father and Rachel McAdams as Mary, the object of his affection, the film has drawn comparisons with Groundhog Day.

There are lots of films examining the effect of time travel. Here’s a selection of five of the best.

5. The Butterfly Effect

Starring Ashton Kutcher as Evan Treborn, The Butterfly Effect has a similar premise to About Time in that it features a young man who has the ability to travel through time to change key events in an attempt to improve the future – just like other male members of his family. However, just as the chaos theory of the butterfly effect predicts, little changes have big, unforeseen consequences and Evan discovers that the more he tries to help, the worse things get.

Kutcher’s attempt to break into more serious acting roles, he puts in a credible performance as a young man desperately trying to save those he loves. The film has a number of alternate endings – the DVD director’s cut has a different final scene to that of the film, seeing Evan go back to the womb to kill himself, thus ending his time travelling once and for all.

The film was heavily criticised upon its release for its weak metaphysical theories. At times it veers towards comedies, but there are some very dark scenes in the movie that mean that it never quite crosses that line. Nevertheless, the film was commercially successful, winning the Pegasus Audience Award at the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival and two sequels have been made, with a proposed remake in the works.

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