I’ve been known to cry at just about every movie that has a sad part. If the film has a tragic illness or death, I get all teary eyed and heart-broken. Still, there are some films that are guaranteed to make you cry and here’s the top fifteen films I’ve seen that will make you bawl your eyes out.

15) Romeo and Juliet

I love Romeo and Juliet. The classic version is absolutely beautiful and the newer version with Leonardo DiCaprio made me cry even harder. If you didn’t cry at the end of this story, then you have a much stronger heart than me because this tale always makes me cry.

14) Legends of the Fall

This is just tragic all around. Half of the characters are killed in a tragic way and just when you think the movie might turn around and have something cheerful happen, something even worse takes place. This one will leave you emotionally exhausted.

13) Hotel Rwanda

The fact that this was based on a true story made me cry even harder. Sometimes it’s hard to believe the world can be such a devastating place. This movie is not for those who don’t watch the news. I saw this film once, cried my heart out, and never watched it again.

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  • Rach

    Bridge to Terabithia. It was such a great kids movie and I thought it would stay like that and then BAM!

  • Taraphil96

    Cant beleive my sisters keeper didnt make the list! It was the first movie i cried in private in and the first time i ever cried in public was in a crowded cinema at the back with my besty to The Vow!

  • Arianna

    Really surprised The Notebook didn’t make it on here. That movie is my go to if i need a good long cry.

  • maxime

    the boy in the striped pyjamas.

  • stacey

    The champ should be on this!

  • cherry


  • LA

    The Notebook should be here..

  • chank

    Marley and me and moulin rouge slum dog millionaire was pretty sad at times

  • TD

    Seven Pounds and Finding Neverland are two of the biggest tearjerkers I have ever seen. Pity they’re not on this list. I agree wholeheartedly, though, with your number one choice. I’m a guy and I cried like a baby when I watched it for the first time.

  • Dee

    I am Sam and The Green Mile made my cry like a baby