The opening of the new science fiction thriller, Ender’s Game marks a highpoint in my personal movie watching history. I have been a huge fan of the series of books by Orson Scott Card that start with the title book written in 1985, Ender’s Game which won the both the Nebula Award in 1985 and the Hugo Award the following year. In 1986 he continued the series with Speaker for the Dead and later, Xenocide and Children of the Mind. Then in 1999 he did a most interesting thing, he retold the original Ender’s story from the perspective of another character, Bean, in Ender’s Shadow, and went on with several more books in Bean’s own series.

I’ve read them all and became a big fan. Card is an amazing storyteller and his original take on future earth, after our first-contact with alien beings and their subsequent attack, is detailed and addictive.

The book Ender’s Game, which was originally a short story in the August 1977 issue of Analog Science Fiction and Fact, has become something of a legend itself having been published all over the world and translated into 33 languages, and even had courses in college being taught around it. I have read the book probably 10 times and hoped for a long time that it would eventually be made into a film. I know that not all books make good movies, and I have been disappointed in the past, but recently with the success (even in my eyes) of films like Harry Potter, and The Lord of the Rings my hope had been rekindled. It dawned on me that maybe they hadn’t made a movie of this book yet because they were waiting for technology to catch up, who knows? The film would require excellent special effects to bring it off, and it looks like finally that will be possible. I got my wish, not long ago, after making one of my periodic searches for its possible release.

Not only is Ender’s Game being made, but it will have some big names in it, and it looks like it will be worthy of the name. The following is a little preview of the film, some video and images, facts, even websites to check out. My hope is in the end you may be as excited as I am about the release of this new film. So take a good look through these facts and browse the video clips, trailers, and images. Read the storyline and maybe you will be as curious as I am and check out this premiere.

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  • Laura Bové

    “I don’t believe in mixing politics with movie-going…”

    Sad to say the two can’t be divorced. In fact, not a lot of things can be divorced from politics. You might want to believe that you can go see the movie and still be neutral on the controversy surrounding Scott Card, but in doing so you are actively endorsing the author of the story – and that’s a man who thinks Barack Obama will soon be fashioning a personal army out of disadvantaged black youths, to use against his opposition. Are you really okay with that? Whichever way, don’t pretend your actions don’t matter. You lend legitimacy to this misguided man when you support his work, and free him of consequences for his hateful statements. Also, there really is nothing “alleged” about his stand on homosexuality.