There are so many good looking actors out there it’s hard to choose my favorite. Still, giving all due consideration I’ve compiled a list of the Best looking actors. I am curious to see who you would add to this list?

20) Tom Hanks

Tom isn’t handsome in the rugged sexy form of the word, he has a certain goofy yet intelligent quality that makes him sexy. I fell head over hills for him in Apollo 13 and That Think You Do. he’s definitely on the sexy list.

19) Johnny Depp

Of course Johnny is on this list, who doesn’t adore him? I have to admit, though, I prefer Johnny Depp in his younger days. Although he has aged well, there was something about his bad boy self in Benny and June and Don Juan Demarco, but he still had me at Public Enemies. This man is good at being bad.

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  • BridgetCoffman

    Apparently Benicio Del Toro and Antonio Banderas are twins who had an identical photo shoot.

  • Josi

    Jack barrowman

  • Jess

    There were some very odd choices on this list… Chris Hemsworth was the only one I fully understood. And I guess Zefron is cute.

  • chank

    Ooooooh this list is wrong in many ways like j depp should b no with Jake g Hugh jman c hemsworth and rdj in top spots

  • chank

    J depp No1

  • selahangel1

    how did Jack Davenport not make this list? *sigh*

  • Ellie

    I love the list, but I reckon Hugh Jackman should of been 1st haha. <3 :)

  • Deniz Kişniş


  • Tan

    What happened to Leo DiCaprio? Bradley Cooper? Ryan Gosling? Ryan Reynolds? Justin Timberlake? to name a few…
    plus Johnny Depp should of been no1.