Some of the best films are those that come at us unexpectedly. There are big name movies that we see advertised for months, sometimes even years, in advance and then there are those quirky little independent films that suck us into their bizarre story plot and odd humor. I love independent films. It was really hard to choose which films were my favorite, and which ones I thought were the best, but here’s a list of what I think are the top ten best independent films.

10) The Blair Witch Project

I’ll be honest, I hated this movie. I got all hyped up to see it. I stood in line nervously hoping they wouldn’t sell out by the time it was my turn. I even forced my mom to go along (much against her will), and for what? It was all for a horrible black and white film that didn’t scare me and had a lame ending. Still, because of all the hype and excitement, and all the hoopla surrounding its debut, this one’s on the list of the best.

9) El Mariachi

I love this movie. I really, honestly love this movie. This was the start of my love for Robert Rodriguez films. This movie is a classic case of mistaken identity…Mexico style. You really can’t help but be drawn into this film, the way El Mariachi handles himself and defends himself is powerful and the story is told in such an amazing way. Robert Rodriguez is an absolute genius in my opinion.

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  • eddieisadead

    Reservoir dogs should have been on this list