No matter how old we get, there is one thing from our youth that we will always hold on to: our love for partying. Remember the good old days where we would party all night, sleep all day and throw all of our troubles away? When our lives were easy? Yeah, I’m sure you’ve all realized at this point that that care- free behavior and attitude goes away real quick (young- ins out there will soon have a rude awakening). However, there is nothing we love more than coming home after a long day of work and popping in one of our favorite party films. We’ve narrowed our list down to the top 10 funniest, dirtiest, most scandalous, and all around, most rockin’ party flicks of all time, so join in and see how your favorites made out on our list (and we bet you can guess our number 1 film!) Come on, let’s get this party started!

10) Spring Breakers

Although it’s kind of a cheesy, teen movie, we are going to use this recently released film to kick off our list! It has all of the elements of teenage “spring break”… and then some. Although the story line is a bit “out there”, it’s kind of fun to get away and see the horrific party scene that is “spring break”.

9) Weekend at Bernie’s

Here, we have another deadly party flick (admit it, they’re your guilty pleasure too!). From murder to mafia to partying galore, we can’t create a list of top “partying films” without this classic hit.

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  • Innocentius

    Did you just call Spring Breakers a “cheesy teen” movie?

  • TD

    Did you even watch “Spring Breakers”? Sure, there is partying going on, but it’s far from a “party” movie. “Spring Break” (1983) would have been a much better choice for this list. This little-known Sean Cunningham (Friday the 13th) film was a non-stop party. It’s all fun, whereas “Spring Breakers” is a violent film condemning the current trend of hedonistic, narcissistic, entitled youth.