It’s been revealed that Mark Bomback, one of the writers of The Wolverine, had hoped to write Rogue into the latest X-Men movie. Rogue and Wolverine have always had a connection and Bomback was hoping to play on that, possibly even making the old man a mutant with a similar power to hers, which would be evidenced by a white stripe in his hair.

However, Bomback had to abandon the idea because there was no good way to include the character in the story he was trying to tell without it coming across as awkward.

However, Rogue will be making an appearance in X-Men: Days of Future Past, which is due out next year, so it won’t be too long before she’s back on the big screen. In the meantime, have a look at some of the best X-Men characters to have graced the cinema.


Magneto (played by Ian McKellen and subsequently Michael Fassbender as a younger version) is the leader of the mutants who believe that attempting to work with humans is a wasted effort. He has the power to control and shape metals with his magnetic energy.

Magneto makes an appearance in all of the X-Men movies to a varying degree. In X-Men we see him as a boy separated from his parents in a Nazi concentration camp. The trauma triggers his powers, destroying a fence between them. Magneto never loses his suspicion of humans and in the first film, creates a machine which has the ability to transform humans into mutants. Unfortunately, the machine’s results are unstable and anyone subjected to it will eventually die, as their molecular structure disintegrates. It is only through the work of the X-Men that he is subdued and locked up in a plastic prison, the only way he can be safely contained. So powerful is his control over metal, he is able to pull the iron out of one of his guards after they are dosed with extra iron, killing him.

Despite his longstanding conflict with Charles Xavier over their different approaches to humans, Magneto has the greatest of respect for the professor and his work on behalf of mutants. When he is finally reduced to a human following a ‘cure’ for mutation, there is a suggestion that he still retains some of his power, leaving the door open for future films featuring a Magneto restored to full strength.

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  • Ellie Laurie

    Wolverine is #1 :)

  • njeri

    The Phoenix is not Jean. Jean is the host, and the Phoenix is a force that usually inhabits Jean.

  • njeri

    and more Deadpool would be nice.