There are so many beautiful actresses in Hollywood it’s hard to name them all. Let me tell you that this list of the top twenty was very difficult for me to write, but, because it’s based on personal preference there are some I’m sure you will all agree with and some you probably think I missed out on. But here’s the list of the most beautiful actresses today.

20) Angelina Jolie

The woman lucky enough to be married to brad Pitt and have like half a zillion kids is still one of the most beautiful women in the world. After all, she was Lara Croft and everyone went nuts over that poster!

19) Lucy Liu

I think Lucy Liu is a beautiful woman. It was a difficult choice between her and Sandra Oh, because I adore Sandra Oh, but Lucy Liu has a special kind of spunk that’s hard to resist.

18) Helen Slater

Helen Slater was absolutely stunning when she played Billy Jean and Super Girl, but now that she’s a little older not only is she still a beautiful woman, but it’s not a glamorous Hollywood beauty. She has a very real beauty and that’s a rare quality in Hollywood.

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  • Ellie Laurie

    Great choices, don’t think Jennifer would be my first pic, but she’s still pretty :)

  • T

    What about Jennifer Aniston? come on like…

  • R

    I miss Keira Knightly in here.

  • disqus_G80flVbIhf

    and Kate Beckinsale…