It’s been recently announced that the gloriously talented producers in Hollywood are coming together to create a feature- film all about the beautiful disaster that was Judy Garland, and we can’t even BEGIN to express our excitement. However, we aren’t so pleased about who has been cast to play the role of Judy Garland herself. Being the crazy, opinionated people we are, we have compiled together a list of who we REALLY want to play Judy, and we present it here to you! Judy was a beautiful actress and woman who was filled with grace, heart, and soul, and we would give anything to cast this dang movie ourselves to serve her at least an OUNCE of the justice that she deserves. Hopefully you’ll agree with some of our choices (I mean, how could you not? They are DEAD on!) so enjoy our list and, in the wise words of Judy, “forget your troubles, come on, get happy!”.

5) Rachel McAdams

Kicking off our list, we have the beautiful Rachel McAdams. Rachel is no stranger to old, glamorous, characters and we feel like with some tweaking, she would be a wonderful Judy Garland. Rachel is a wonderful actress and we feel like she could really nail every single emotion to Judy. We haven’t really heard her sing, but we can safely assume that she can do it all. We would love to see her in this film!

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  • Layna

    I have to disagree with every single one of these…especially Rachel McAdams….she does not resemble Judy Garland at all. closest looking is Danielle Panabaker but she lacks the graceful, beauty and presence of Judy.

  • MissT

    I see Danielle && even Rachel. But I would boycott the movie if any of the others played her.