Throughout history humans have looked to the skies and wondered if we were alone. Some have looked with anticipation and some with fear. Since the beginning of what we might call modern times there have been stories related to being from other worlds. Claims of sightings, interaction, even abductions have been prevalent in all cultures. Americans, though, seem to have an almost obsessive interest in UFO’s. Books, TV shows, Documentaries, and of course feature films have been a pastime for many of us. Of the films made in the US about extra terrestrial visitors, some have been funny of cute, some like Close Encounters of the Third Kind in the 70’s were hopeful, almost wondrous; but most, and the ones I am particularly interested in here, have been terrifying. From the first scary movie I ever saw, the old black & white, Earth Vs. the Flying Saucers, on Saturday Monster Movie Matinee, to the more recent UFO horror films, I, like many Americans have enjoyed being scared by these films. To try to list all the best of these films would take up more room than I have, so I am concentrating on the more recent years. There have been some very scary films in the past couple decades and I have sifted through them all to bring you my top 5. If you haven’t seen any of these I’d advise you to give them a try, but you may want to have someone with you while you watch, and remember, especially at night watch out for strange lights in the sky.

#5 – Signs (2002)


Director: M. Night Shyamalan
Writer: M. Night Shyamalan
Production Company: Touchstone Pictures, Blinding Edge Pictures, Kennedy/Marshall Company

Taking place in the fairly backwards Bucks County, Pennsylvania, where a huge crop circle is found on Graham Hess’ farm. He was the town’s reverend, but lost his faith after his wife was killed in a car accident. The film tracks the events of a very subtle but scary alien invasion which ends with some cool foreshadows all connecting. The cast are all very well known now, and actually performed very well in this creepy gem.

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  • Corey McEuin

    Ah man, not The Thing (1982)?

  • Just call me Phil

    okay, I finally get it. This is a trolling site. There is no way that someone could find the laughable Fourth Kind scarer than alien. BTW alien came out in 1979.