OK, so someone like me who is a complete media addict really depends upon Hollywood for a lot of my day-to-day recreational dependence. For the most part, they have done a very good job for me, providing the many types of Movies and Television Shows that I love so dearly. They have shown time and time again to have a strong collection of professionals and artists who do such a great job for me and those like me. Unfortunately, as you know, all movies are not created equal, and the same goes for TV shows. They often have things that simply make them crappy, and when that happens the fault also belongs to Hollywood. One of those things that can go wrong with horrible results is the miscasting of actors for those feature films. When that happens it can really be horrible. The following is my list of the 10 worst mistakes in movie casting in recent years. They aren’t necessarily in order, but share their shame rather equally.

#10 – Rosie O’Donnell as Betty Rubble in The Flintstones (1994)

If I was going to put these in order I probably would have made this #1, but mostly this would be because I hate Rosie O’Donnell with every fiber of my being. Putting that aside, I still am appalled at this choice. First off, just look at her! Betty was skinny, and pretty, sweet and cute (for a cartoon), on the other hand Rosie is. . . well. . .not any of those things. . .at all! Ok so Betty’s voice was kind of annoying and so is Rosie’s so there is that, I guess.

#9 – Kate Bosworth as Lois Lane in Superman Returns (2006)

Casting a new Superman reboot, was admittedly a tough job and Bryan did do a decent job casting Brandon Routh as Superman, but then what happened? Bosworth is too young, too pretty, and too. . .well, Kate Bosworth. I know some people had a problem with Margot Kidder as Lane in the first (original) film, but she was way more believable in my opinion.

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  • Kenny

    Both Clooney and Kilmer made FAR worse Bruce Wayne’s then Keaton did… Number one on the list was pure bullshit, sorry.

    • Gavin

      agreed! Keaton was a great batman dare I say better than Bale!
      calm and sophisticated as bruce wayne, intimidating and convincing as batman!!

      the other 9 choices I wont argue though

  • Lau

    Most of the elements of this list are based on the argument ‘I hate this actor’, or ‘he’s a comedian so he couldn’t possibly do the part’, and those are terrible criteria.

  • Juan

    Pretty terrible list….Jack Black is perfect as Carl Denham….it needed to be someone genuine and able to convince people to go along his crazy schemes. Carl Denham is not a villian but someone who is too ambitious for his own good……Hayden was great! Is it his fault that Lucas couldn’t give him more to work with? You say he comes off as whiny as if it was his fault. Are you sick in the head? Lucas wrote the character, plus the dialogue. Keaton is just pushing it too far….I’d like to see you act…It’s not easy and Keaton is very good!

  • TD

    The writer apparently didn’t see Keaton’s Dogbury in “Much Ado About Nothing.” I’m sure they’d have to rethink that whole “can’t act his way out of a cardboard box” thing. I usually like these lists, but this one was way off the mark.

  • Andy Geeraerts

    White Noise, Out of Sight, Jackie Brown, Multiplicity, My Life… I don’t think you saw a lot of films Michael Keaton was in. He played Batman as it should be. Sharp and chill, like the comics.

    • TD

      Andy, don’t forget “Pacific Heights.” Keaton was chilling in that and he was incredible in “Clean and Sober.”

  • KymC

    Yeah Michael Keaton is an awesome actor. Extremely underrated and he was the best batman in my opinion.