Prince Avalanche, a gentle comedy starring Emile Hirsch and Paul Rudd is due out in cinemas later this year and it’s likely to prove popular with its blend of whimsical charm and offbeat humour. It has an unusual premise – it tells the story of Alvin and Lance, two road workers painting the lines on a road during the summer of 1988. Adapted from an Icelandic film, the character driven comedy is bound to win over fans and critics alike if its Sundance premiere is anything to go by.

If you’re not sure whether a film focusing on a road could be genuinely entertaining, have a look at some of these other films that featured a journey along a long road.

5. Near Dark

Long before there was Twilight and sparkly vampires, there was Near Dark, a vampire movie about a young man who falls in with a group of vampires on the move.
Caleb Colton (Adrian Pasdar) is bitten by Mae, a young woman on the road (Jenny Wright) just before sunrise. When the sun makes his flesh burn, Mae returns with her family and takes Caleb away. He needs to prove himself to the group if they’re not going to kill him, but despite his newfound vampire status, Caleb struggles to acclimatise to a bloodsucking way of life, especially when the vampires discuss taking his sister, Sarah (Marcie Leeds), and turning her into one of them.

By the time Near Dark came out, vampires had become fashionable again. When Kathryn Bigelow wanted to film a Western, she struggled to source funding until it was suggested to her that she combine the genre with another one, which is how Near Dark came to be, with its blend of Western and vampire sensibilities.

It’s in the top 50 best horror films on the Rotten Tomatoes website, but although it’s ripe for a remake, filmmakers believe it’s too similar to Twilight for a remake to be possible any time soon.

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