There is something great about just taking an entire day to sit around and watch Netflix. The next time you decide to call in sick so you can watch movies check out some of these awesome horror movies that you can watch on Netflix.

10. The Bay

The great Barry Levinson, known for directing modern classics such as Rain Man and Good Morning, Vietnam, directed this found footage-style horror movie about a town’s water supply getting contaminated, which causes all kinds of frightening problems.

9. Grave Encounters

Yes, this is the second found footage flick on this list, so people who get motion sickness are going to hate me, but this movie is a really good horror movie. It is set up like a group of people making a Ghost Hunters-type show and then things go terribly wrong when the ghosts start hunting them.

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  • Benjamin

    I am very impressed with the last part of this. I feel as though it was a good call. I agree anyone who has not seen Tucker and Dale vs Evil needs to watch it. It is a nugget of American movie cinema! It should be labeled as a cornerstone even!