In 2007 a new horror movie came on the scene, and it scared and impressed the movie-going public. Although it may not have technically been the first film to use the first-person amateur-camera-type filming technique, it started a new trend in horror films. There have been a whole slew of films to follow, like the Grave Encounters films, for instance. The technique gives such a realistic feel to the films that even the fact that you know they are fake doesn’t stop you from getting pretty creeped out. For those not completely familiar with these films I have put together this article. We take a look at all 4 films in the Paranormal Activity franchise, let you check out some pics and trailers, give you the vitals, and even some trivia and goofs from the productions. Have fun!

Paranormal Activity (2007)
Director & Writer: Oren Peli


A new couple moves into their new home in suburbia, but the woman, Katie, starts to have some strange things happen to her, so her boyfriend, Micah, starts to tape everything they do with his new expensive video camera. The whole film is shot as if it is real and on the spot. The episodes become paranormal in origin and they become more and more scared as they also try to solve the mystery of what is tormenting them. The film is terrifyingly real and one of the scariest I have seen.

Some Little Known Facts and Goofs:

The whole film was shot in director Oren Peli’s own home. He actually got the original idea for the film when, in the middle of the night, he was awakened when a box of detergent fell off the shelf and woke him. He was certain he had slid it too far back to fall and never did explain it. Peli filmed the whole movie in 10 days. The actors were not actually given scripts, instead they were told the guidelines for the scene, and subjects for their discussions, and then let go. There were several goofs during the shooting, as there usually are, for instance: During the scene where Katie’s tells Micah he is finished using the Ouija board, she is wearing her hair long, then suddenly in the next scene, when she is on the couch, and her hair is cut shorter.

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  • Amazonwmn

    Yeah, for Paranormal Activity 4, it wasn’t the little boy living with the neighbor Katie who was Hunter, it was the little boy adopted by Alex’s family. That was the twist