Any who have read my lists and articles know that I am a fan of many types of movies. I love action films and Japanese Samurai flicks, and I am really into Science-Fiction. One genre of films that I have loved for a long time, tough, is Horror. There is nothing like sitting down to a good scary film. Whether it be a slasher or psycho-killer movie, a ghost or demon haunting, or a good old-fashioned UFO film, I can’t get enough of them. There are many things that make a movie frightening. Scenes where something pops out at you all of the sudden can only go so far for effect. What really counts is a film that makes you think. It’s ones brain that causes the fear, even that really physical fear that you can feel in your stomach. You need to access that terror from memories and imagination, and a good horror movie will help you get to those places in your brain that help trigger that terror. The following list of films all have that trait in common, plus more. After carefully reviewing my own viewing experiences, talking to my usual friends, and scanning the Net, I have found these 7 films to be the scariest so far.

#6 – Alien (1975)

Director: Ridley Scott
Writers: Dan O’Bannon, Ronald Shusett
Production Company: Brandywine Productions, Twentieth Century-Fox Productions

One of the first deep-space-type horror films, Alien centers around a large towing vessel and its crew. During their mission, they are pulled out of hypersleep by a distress call on a distant world. When they travel down they find a group of strange eggs and one of the members is attacked by a creature who plants an embryo inside him which then escapes onto their ship. Once onboard it grows up and then begins stalking and killing the crew one-by-one. This film is creepy on many levels, from just being generally dark and ominous to straight up ” holy crap what is that thing with the teeth.”

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  • Phoenix Mangus

    Everyone who writes for this site must still be in there teens. This article is titled “Best in HISTORY.” However; all but one film was made in the last 15 years. You’ve looked over some of the finest and scariest films in HISTORY. Like “Nosferatu,” Polanski’s “Repulsion,” “Who Could Kill a Child?” And so many more. You guys need to watch more old movies or let me write for this site. Not only do I have an encyclopedic mind for movies, I have a degree in production and work in the field.

    • Phoenix Mangus

      *their, oops

    • Phoenix Mangus

      Edit: all but 2, you guys got Alien right although it should be higher on the list. Everyone picks the Exorcist as the scariest movie and I would disagree with that. Maybe at the 2 or 3 spot bit not number 1. Also, Exorcist 3 is a great horror.