With the fourth Jurassic Park movie well on the way, director Colin Trevorrow is keen to assure fans that the film is going to be the best he can possibly make. He’s claimed that ‘this is not a paycheck gig for me’ but also allows that there are a lot of people who don’t see the need for yet another Jurassic Park film, so he’s got an uphill struggle when it comes to convincing people to come and see the film.

The film isn’t due out until 2015, giving him plenty of time to work on the movie. In the meantime, Trevorrow would do well to learn from the example of these franchises if he’s not going to repeat the mistakes they made.

5. Star Trek

The original Star Trek television series ran for three series until poor ratings saw it cancelled. However, it attracted new fans when it was reran and Paramount Pictures decided that there was enough interest to make a film based on the universe. In 1975, work began on a feature film, but it was ditched in favour of making a new television series featuring the original cast.

However, after science fiction movies such as Star Wars and Close Encounters of the Third Kind proved hugely popular, Paramount changed its mind again and made what was to be the first of six films featuring the original cast: Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Four subsequent movies were made based around the spin off program Star Trek: The Next Generation, the last two, Insurrection and Nemesis being box office flops.

Star Trek only makes five on this list because of the successful reboot in 2009, which saw a fresh cast taking on the original roles. However, the world would quite have happily lived without Insurrection and Nemesis, which are a perfect depiction of what happens when movie makers get greedy and rely on past success to sell a film instead of solid plots and attention to detail.

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  • Juan

    I this site should be called The Site with Lists that didn’t know when to stop…if you keep making your lists all over the place

  • Angus

    Resident Evil.

  • hkempy

    The mummy…first 2 brilliant but 3rd totally lost track and shouldn’t have continued without rachel weisz

  • thegame_rulez

    REC. 2 was still okay though. 3 was o_O