There are a number of Lance Armstrong movies in the works and despite the rumours that Bradley Cooper was in discussions with Paramount and Bad Robot to appear in the adaptation of Juliet Macur’s Cycle of Lies: The Fall of Lance Armstrong, it’s just been announced that Cooper will instead be producing Red Blooded American, the story of Armstrong’s impressive career and the drug scandal that saw him disgraced. There’s no word on whether he’ll be appearing in the film or which role he’ll take if he does, but with two other Armstrong movies in production, it’s going to be a close race to see which one will make to the big screen first.

Bradley Cooper’s long since established himself as one of the top leading men in Hollywood. Here’s a selection of the best of some of his other films.

5. Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is an ensemble movie featuring a number of different, intertwining stories. Reed Bennett (played by Ashton Kutcher) is one of the main figures in the film, his florist business featuring in many of the other character’s tales.

Bradley Cooper has the lesser role of Holden Wilson, a businessman on a flight who finds himself sitting next to Kate Hazeltine (Julia Roberts), a US Army captain on a day’s leave. The pair get chatting and strike up a friendship, so when Kate is faced with a long wait for a taxi, he gives her a lift in his limousine.

Despite the apparent chemistry between the pair, all is not as it seems, as Kate goes home to the boy she loves, her son Edison (Bryce Robinson), while Holden goes to the man he loves, professional footballer Sean Jackson (Eric Dane).

The film received mixed reviews, being compared unfavourably to the markedly similar film, Love Actually, which was reflected in its winning both Teen Choice Awards and two Golden Raspberries.

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