Ok so there might not be a huge number of similarities between these two sports, in fact some people have trouble even calling golf a sport at all. The number one film on my list is farly well known and does an excellent job combining these two pastimes. In the meantime there all plenty of other films about two popular sports that can be enjoyed by a variety of people. Hockey mixes the speed of skating, the coordination and strategy of soccer, and the . . .violence of the gang war. Obviously there have been enough people fascinated and intrigued with these games because there have been a slew of films o the subjects. I have gone through my lists of films in my personal watch-lists and spoke with some friends to get an idea of a good place to start. Then after scouring the web for reviews and opinions I finally gathered a list of movies that seem to best represent the top of the stack. The following is the culmination of my search. Take a look through the list and watch some of these if you haven’t already. Se if you agree with my findings.

#5 – Goons (2011)


Director: Michael Dowse
Writers: Jay Baruchel, Evan Goldberg, 2 more credits »
Stars: Seann William Scott, Jay Baruchel, Alison Pill
Production Company: No Trace Camping, Caramel Film, Don Carmody Productions

This film is about the stereotype of the classic hockey fighting goon. Belonging to a well-educated family, Doug Glatt, a local bouncer just doesn’t quite fit in. Instead he becomes the classic hockey nightmare player. When he is seen smacking around a rude fan in the stands, one of the other teams in the league takes him on to try to protect their star player who has become chicken after betting smacked by a puck. It then becomes Glatt’s job to help lead the team to victory. Not a brilliant film by any means, but very fun and extremely funny at times. It becomes the classic underdog team film which is always a pleasure to watch.

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