We all grew up on the famous Walt Disney legacy. If you were raised in America you have seen probably most of the films at some point. They are really works of art when you think about all the time and effort that goes into the animation. Looking back as adults it is disturbing to see some of the pure darkness that is found within these films. Things we over looked or shrugged off as a child might now make you wonder, who writes this stuff?!? I thought these were innocent children’s movies. Maybe not.

10. Bambi

The death of Bambi’s mother. This is one of the most famous and beautiful of Disney movies. It is also one of the oldest. Almost every child has seen this movie at one time or another. All of the adorable woodland critters suck you into a world of cute innocence. The beauty of the music and animation is absolutely captivating. Sadly this is all abruptly cut short when Bambi’s mother is shot and killed by hunters leaving Bambi to fend for himself as a baby.

9. Hunchback of Notre Dame

From the very beginning this movie is just messed up. In the first few scenes you see a man chasing a woman on a dark, menacing horse with red eyes. In the woman’s arms you see a small bundle that is obviously a baby. She is quickly murdered outside of a cathedral. When the Childs deformities are recognized, he is nearly drowned in a well and it is said that he “needs to be sent back to hell where he belongs”. Later in the movie Quasimodo is tied up and publicly humiliated for his deformities. They literally tie him down, and throw food at him until help arrives. Oh and that not all. Towards the end of the film you are led to believe that the heroine of the movie is killed by smoke inhalation whilst being burned at the stake. You only discover that she survives later on.

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  • Efrain Frito Torres

    Correction to #5…It was a barracuda that attacked Nemo’s mother and unborn siblings, not a shark.

  • Whitney Wade

    And that the girl goes on to be with the other guy instead of Quasimodo (if i remember correctly)

    • Daniel Flores

      yeah thats pretty bad if you get friendzone in a disney movie.

    • abcdefghijklmnop

      well in the book she is burned at the steak and really dies and the guy she wanted to get with was just looking for a booty call and didn’t really give a rats ass but i guess that isn’t too good for a Disney movie

  • Daniel Flores

    you left out toy story 3!

  • Ashlee

    Wanna talk dark? Try the voodoo in Princess and the Frog. Yea, basically the bad guy was brought back to life by demons and was going to give all the souls of New Orleans to them. The villains in that movie were seriously demons!

  • Michael Dodd

    Fairly certain that The Lion King should have been number one.


  • jeffer

    uhhh, Dumbo visiting his imprisoned mother not in the top 10?!?!? I cried like a bitch watching that….yesterday

  • Olivia

    Up is in the right spot, but Lion King should have been #2 not #8

  • laidbackgal

    I can understand why people get crazy upset about this. However, at the same time, these movies also taught me as a child that the world isn’t going to be perfect and that I have to work hard to make it. It helped me develop empathy for those less fortunate and cope with life stressors. So, for those who get upset over these movies: Try looking at the glass half full.