Hollywood has been rocked by the news that Lee Thompson Young, former Disney star and currently playing the lead role in Rizzoli & Isles has died in an apparent suicide.

Young is the second big name to have killed themselves this week after the tragic death of former The Bachelor contestant, GIa Allemand. Both have attracted an outpouring of sympathy and condolences at their passing. TNT had just announced that they will be making another series of Rizzoli & Isles, in which Young played police detective Barry Frost and his presence will be sorely missed from the cast.

Hollywood has seen a number of its stars burn out too soon. Here’s some famous faces who died much too soon.

5. Cory Monteith

Young’s death comes in the wake of the loss of Cory Monteith, who died of a drug overdose. Monteith was a Canadian actor who is best known for his work as Finn Hudson in Glee.

Monteith had a long running problem with drug abuse and went through his first stint in rehab when he was only 19. He appeared to have cleaned up his act when he won the role of Hudson and his performance on Glee resulted in his breaking into movies, with roles in Monte Carlo and Sisters & Brothers.
However, Monteith was still battling his addiction and he returned to rehab earlier this year. Unfortunately, it was not enough to break his habit and Monteith died from a lethal combination of alcohol and heroin.

Filming of the fifth season of Glee has been postponed a month and the third episode will be a tribute to Monteith and cover the death of his character. A break is then scheduled for the writers to decide how best to continue with the show following the loss of Monteith.

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  • TheArtfulDodger

    Come on, you really should have put John Candy on that list

  • KS52

    How about James Dean too

  • pete

    Heath ledger was not ‘originally’ from Australia, he was Australian.

  • 92DreamWarrior

    You forgot Judith Barsi. She voiced Ducky in the original Land Before Time and Anne Marie in All Dogs Go to Heaven. She was murdered by her abusive father when she was ten years old. RIP <3

  • BigHoop65

    Heath Ledger died during the production of The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus. The Dark Knight and I’m Not There were already done.

  • krinkle

    I’m sorry but don’t say masseuse unless she gave him a happy ending.. that’s what a masseuse does, not a massage therapist. I’m a massage therapist and that made me cringe