Star Trek, some of the most iconic films in the Sci-Fi world have resurfaced in mainstream media since the last film in the series which was released in 1991. For us Trekkies, this has been a huge excitement. Even for those who are new to the Star Trek culture, there is no denying the pure awesomeness of the latest films. With all of the new technology, the graphics and depth of these movies are a far cry from the first film: Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Though it is important to go back and review where the legacy began. In this re-cap I will create a brief overview of all the Star Trek films from 1979-2013. Those who have seen all the movies can look back in appreciation, those who haven’t can get a brief sum up of what has happened up until the most recent film, Star Trek: Into Darkness (2013)

Star Trek: The Motion Picture

The story begins when a Starfleet monitoring station detects a massive cloud of energy that seems to have destroyed three Klingon warships. The famous Captain James T. Kirk has recently been promoted to admiral and the Enterprise is undergoing a major re-fit. Despite the unsafe conditions Kirk and his crew are closest to the phenomenon and are dispatched to investigate. What they find is astonishing. A computer construct that calls itself V-Ger is inadvertently causing destruction in search of its “maker”. Turns out the vessel is a 300 year old computer designed to go out into the universe and learn all that can be learned. Incidentally the ship was lost and never heard from until this point and has since gained consciousness of its own. In the end V-Ger melds with another human being (maker) and ceases the destruction on Earth and its surrounding inhabitants.

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  • hattiejane

    “i hate spoilers” so basically, thats the biggest possible spoiler for the film. well done.