War on film is entertaining even if it is not in real life. There have been several good films about almost all armed conflicts in America, at least. World War II and Vietnam seem to have a monopoly on many of the films, but there have been movies about The American Civil War, The Korean War, The Gulf War, and plenty others. Even though my list is heavy on the American side of things, both the Chinese and the Japanese have a great talent for making epic war films, one of which is on this list. If they were a bit more mainstream I might make a list completely devoted to Asian war films. There are many things that make a good war or military film. Realism, of course is important, but also the film must recreate the fear and stress of war, as best as we non-combatants can understand it, of course. It isn’t necessarily important to have graphic violence as you will see, some of these films are very graphic and some not, but all get the point across. I also want the film to help me really feel what the characters feel, as close as possible. The following films, in my opinion achieve these things and more. Let me know if you agree.

#7 – The Boys of Company C (1978)

Director: Sidney J. Furie
Writers: Rick Natkin, Sidney J. Furie
Stars: Stan Shaw, Andrew Stevens, James Canning

This war drama is the first attempt at what was later Full Metal Jacket, but they are two very good movies individually. The film follows the military careers, starting in 1967, of five Marine recruits and draftees starting with their training in boot camp, and continuing with a tour in Vietnam in the following year. The film details how futile their fighting seemed and how corruption in the South Vietnamese people who dealt with our GI’s threatened to destroy them. Their commander was an idiot who was more interested in kissing ass than his men. This movie was one of the first detailing stories of a specific group of guys in Vietnam and was very good at it.

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  • Micha

    No Saving Private Ryan? That’s typically always in a top war/military movie list.

  • Aaron

    What? No Saving Private Ryan? No Black Hawk Down?