Movie posters are designed to get you excited about an upcoming movie. However, sometimes that excitement creates an expectation that the movie fails to meet. This is a list of 10 movie poster for awful movies.

10. A Nightmare on Elm Street (remake)

I love horror movies but absolutely hate horror movie remakes. After I saw this poster I made the mistake of holding my breath in hopes that this would be one of the few good remakes. Despite Jackie Earle Haley’s best efforts as the infamous, gloved killer, this movie’s poster was still way cooler than this movie ever even thought about being. How can you do a remake of this movie without having Johnny Depp getting turned into a blood-geyser, anyway?

9. The Last Exorcism Part 2

This poster is amazing. With the victim of what I suppose is the last exorcism for the second time, all contorted so her body and shadow form the number two. However, this sequel to a mediocre The Exorcist rip-off, which Hollywood seems filled with these days, was nowhere near as amazing as this poster. By the way, if this is a sequel to The Last Exorcism then the titular last exorcism technically takes place in this movie. So shouldn’t the first movie have been called The Second to the Last Exorcism or they could have renamed the sequel, Ok, we decided we were going to have one more exorcism, but after this we will not be doing anymore, and I mean it. Maybe that is a bit too wordy for a movie title.

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