Okay let’s be honest: there is nothing we love more than to see our favorite figures of history come to life in films, ESPECIALLY when they are played and nailed to the TEE by some of our favorite actors and actresses! I don’t think we (as normal- folk) realize how incredibly hard it is to capture the essence and personality of a real- life iconic person, as some of our favorite actors do on a daily basis. Although there have been a HUGE lot of wonderful historically depicted films, we have narrowed a list down to the top acting jobs that completely NAILED their muses. Some may come as a shock to you, while others need absolutely NO explanation whatsoever. Without further ado, here we present to your our top 10 historic figures that our favorite actors NAILED!

10) Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra

It is a simple MUST to begin our lists with a classic icon, and we have chosen Elizabeth Taylor and her role of the iconic character and historic figure of Cleopatra. It is nothing new to hear that Elizabeth Taylor exhilarated beauty and grace in everything that she did (may she rest peacefully), but there was something so fascinating about her performance as Cleopatra. She really made us see a whole different perspective of life through Cleo’s eyes. It was simply brilliant!

9) Julia Roberts as Erin Brockovich

Most people do not know that Erin Brockovich was IN FACT a real, historic figure, just as the movie shows us. Julia Roberts was absolutely wonderful in this role! She was everything that she needed to be as this character: strong, passionate, loving, and absolutely stunning! We just loved it!

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  • Rebecca

    Liam Neeson as Oskar Schindler should have been on this list

  • Kelsey

    Sean Penn as Harvey Milk was amazing I just wanted to cry for him!

  • Blah

    Ben Kingsley as Mahatama Gandhi.

  • Poisonwc

    Frank Langella should have won that Oscar. Period.

  • Aaron

    Why oh why is Sandra Bullock on the list? Was the movie really that historic? What about Leonardo DiCaprio as J. Edgar or Howard Hughes? Or others that are on the comments. Yes I agree with Daniel Day-Lewis as Lincoln. He was phenomenal! But seriously? Sandra Bullock’s character as an historical figure?