Although it sometimes seems that Hollywood is out to make every single singer into an actress or actor (and vice versa for that matter…), we must admit they aren’t all THAT terrible. Sure, we certainly come across a HUGE group of them that should… definitely stick to singing (sorry, we can’t all be triple threats!), but there are definitely some that break the mold and go on to becoming some of our favorite stars in music AND in film! We have narrowed it down to our top 10 singers- turned- actors and we are DYING to know what you think of our number 1! So play some music and read along as we dive into our list!

10) Alicia Keys

Although she hasn’t done too, too much acting, Alicia Key’s performance in The Secret Life of Bees was enough to place her on this list. She is beautiful and has a screen smile that will go on for miles, charming everyone in it’s pathway! We love Alicia Keys!

9) Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey is so funny. Her performance in… what was it, Glitter(?), was… just okay. However, her performance in Precious was stunning. It was so great to see such a glammed up woman stripped down and projected as a real person. It was the best we’ve ever seen Mariah Carey and we hope to see more of whatever that was!

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  • Poisonwc

    Seriously? You forgot LL Cool J?

  • Lcee8


  • Kelsey

    Jennifer Lopez was an actress turned singer actually but most people don’t know that.

  • RN

    I suppose Julie Andrews could technically qualify for this category as well since she started out as a child singer.

  • TD

    This piece should have been titled “Actors Whose Performances Are So Good They Make Us Forget They Started As Singers.” OK, I admit, that’s a bit clunky, but it’s the feeling I got reading it.

  • Danielle

    What about Tyrese..and yes LL should be there before Mandy moore

  • jean

    U forgot CHER