It’s been announced that James Marsden and Nick Frost have both signed up for Vince Vaughn’s latest film Business Trip. As the title would suggest, Vaughn plays a businessman on a trip to Europe hoping to make some lucrative connections. Given that it’s a comedy, it’ll be no surprise to learn that things don’t go quite to plan.

Also featuring Dave Franco, the film’s likely to be another comedy classic, but if you want to remind yourself of Vaughn’s acting chops, check out one of his other movies.

5. Psycho

OK, so Psycho isn’t a comedy (unless you think the idea of Vince Vaughn playing the iconic Norman Bates is funny, which you may well do), but Gus Van Sant’s remake of Hitchcock’s classic showed a more serious side to Vaughn, as he took on the role of the murderous, split personality, cross dressing motel owner.

Proving that Vaughn should really stick to what he’s best at, the film was a commercial and critical failure, although it was Vaughn’s co-star, Anne Heche who was nominated for the Worst Actress Golden Raspberry Award. The film itself took home the Worst Remake or Sequel award and Worst Director.

Van Sant acknowledged that it had been an experiment in recreating a film frame for frame which demonstrated that you clearly cannot recapture magic just by using the same script and shots. Anne Heche’s Marion Crane was a very different character to the original’s and critics were in agreement that the whole film had been a waste of time – it doesn’t hold a candle to the original.

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