Everyone loves movies, but sometimes the ridiculous things that occur in the story line can throw the watcher off and cause the story to be less compelling. Often times motion pictures create scenarios that would never actually happen in real life and lets just say its pretty noticeable.

7. “Bad Guys” always miss.

You’d think that when you have fifty or more people shooting at the protagonist that at least one would hit home. This is rarely the case or if someone is unlucky enough to be shot its always in the most un-fatal of places such as, grazing the arm. The movie characters most known for this blunder are the Star wars Storm Troopers. You’d think with all of that futuristic technology, at least ONE laser beam would have hit Han Solo, but no, he gets away unscathed every time.

6. Don’t go through that door!

We’ve all seen this one time or another. A young beautiful girl in her underwear heading into the damp, unlit basement to investigate a noise that EVERYONE knows is trouble. Its seems like no one has ever heard of 9-1-1 in the horror film industry. Suddenly you hear a scream and your first thought is always this, “see I told you. Don’t go in there. The killers gonna get you”. Seriously just one time I’d like to see someone call the cops or maybe just not put themselves in obviously avoidable situations. I guess that could make the movie less exciting, but it kind of kills the mood when everyone in the movie is completely devoid of common sense.

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  • John

    Bad guys always miss? Guess you didnt watch Skyfall, Bond was hit several times lol

  • Rajesh

    Nice List. Checked out with most of the issues I have with movies in general.