Before I get started let me make something clear. Everyone and their brother has made a list of which movies they think are the worst ever. Some of these lists are actually very well done, so instead of just creating another, I have gone to the heart of one of the problems. One of the reasons some movies are so bad is because their original ideas were horrible to begin with. Thus I have put together my list of those bad movie ideas. I avoided putting films on the list that had good ideas to begin with (maybe), but ended up being bad movies for one reason or another (usually writing, directing and acting). Films like Parting Shots, about a guy who’s about to die so he plans on killing everyone that ever wronged him, could have been good as a comedy or maybe a straight action film, or VanHelsing, which had great potential as an idea, I mean come on, a monster/vampire slayer; or even that wonderful Vegas movie Showgirls, that I actually kind of liked for some reason, oh yeah Gina Gershon, in skimpy clothes, that’d be it. I also purposely avoided obviously crappy movies like Sci-Fi Network messes, such as Sharktapus, or just plain stupid films like Santa Claus Conquers the Martians. The following are simply a list of the poorest excuses for movie themes ever imaginable, see if you agree.

#8 – G.I. Joe (2009)

Director: Stephen Sommers

When I was younger one of my absolute favorite things to do was to play with my G.I. Joe action figures. Back then they were around 8″ high and came with uniforms to dress them in and props. The G.I. Joe figures became the ultimate military toy, and were popular because they didn’t come with any real background story, preferring to allow the child to create one. The bad idea came first when some moron decided to create a cartoon series and made G.I. Joe a team and COBRA their enemy. It died after a while, just as it should, so tell me why someone had to make a film with that same ridiculous premise, I mean just leave the toy a toy.

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  • Kenny

    This was more like worst butt-hurt expressing your own opinion ever.

    Don’t post this stuff if it’s just 1 persons opinion because that belongs on a blog and not on this site.

    “leave the toy a toy?” GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra was more of a reboot.and the action figures were mostly only know in the USA (yes there are other countries outside the USA)
    So it became worldwide famous with the movie.
    And apparently was a good movie because if it didn’t brought up a lot of money than Hollywood wouldn’t made a sequel.

    “but giving them a ridiculous acronym, and using it seriously?”
    Are you really complaining about that? For fucks sake really?
    That’s the reason why it’s a bad movie idea?
    Sounds like it’s the only one you could come up with to bash about this movie.
    Btw it’s also really low complaining that there were more movies about C.H.U.D. because it has a “cult” for it. You are bashing on their opinion for liking the movie while you are doing the same thing but against the movie…
    Just stop posting stuff that only express a opinion from 1 person…

    • Adrian

      And doesn’t the part where it talks about Soul Plane seem a little racist? Or is it just me..

  • Juan

    G.I. Joe is not a bad idea which way you slice it…It just wasn’t executed to greatest efficiency

  • TD

    This is what makes me love you: ” I personally think (Pauly Shore) is one of the un-funniest human beings in
    history, Buuuuddyy. He is one of the rare people that make me want to
    switch him off as soon as he opens his mouth.”

  • Ethan

    Okay, I’m calling bullshit on this site AGAIN, first of all they got the plot for the original Doom video games COMPLETELY wrong. It was Demons from a portal to Hell cause by UAC teleportation experiments, not genetic mutants. And secondly, they did as well as they could in that movie without winding up with a Stephen King-esque “Because God did it” plot. Some of the things this site posts are valid by a website that says M. Night Shamylan’s adaptation of Avatar: The Last Airbender is anything but a steaming pile of globulous refuse isn’t an opinion anyone can trust to make sense