The Conjuring has recently swept our theaters this summer, getting reviews claiming and labeling it as “the scariest horror flick we’ve seen in years!” Whether you agree or not, you must admit that you made your way to the theater to take part in the exorcism of the summer, no? Well, assuming you’ve seen the movie, we have a couple premonitions that this won’t be the last film we see of “The Conjuring” trilogy, and we are here to tell you EXACTLY why we smell a sequel happening in the near future. So sit back, relax, and spook your way through our reasoning and be sure to leave us a comment and tell us what YOU think!

5) The unexplained characters:

This is just a small reason, but movies are all about details, no? We felt that there were so many characters that were introduced, yet never explained, that DEFINITELY have to storylines to embellish! We aren’t just talking about your run in the mill characters, but we are talking about the specific demons and spirits too. There were just too many that were thrown our way without any REAL explanation; there HAS to be more!

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