It’s been announced that Tommy Wirkola is returning to his classic zombie movie, Dead Snow, to make a sequel Dead Snow: Red Vs Dead. The first film told the story of a group of students on a break in a cabin in the snow who discover that they are sitting on Nazi gold – gold the Nazis want back, even though they’ve been dead for decades.

Originally entitled War of the Dead, the Dead Snow sequel has been renamed to avoid confusion with the recent Finnish movie of the same name and sees the only survivor of the first movie working together with professional zombie killers to tackle a larger unit of the military monsters.

With both Norwegian and English language versions being filmed, the movie’s sure to be a hit both Stateside and on the Continent. It’ll be joining a long tradition of fine zombie films, films such as these.

5. Resident Evil

Resident Evil starred Milla Jovovich and is the first in a series of movies inspired by the video game of the same name. It follows the story of Alice (Jovovich), who starts the movie with no memory of who she is or how she came to be living in a large mansion that just happens to be on top of a vast underground science facility.

The lab has been hard at work developing a virus that has the ability to animate dead flesh. Unfortunately, the virus has been released into the atmosphere and in order to contain the contagion, the facility’s computer system shuts down all entry and exit, killing all the staff. Alice has to enter the bowels of the facility in order to find out why the defence system was activated.

For a film that is based on a game, it has a surprisingly coherent plot and the ‘end of level baddie’ is suitably impressive. It set the bar high for subsequent movies, of which there have been four, with a sixth in the series planned.

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