5. Hard Candy (2005)

“Wow… You know, that is so thoughtful! You are speaking to me so selflessly! I mean, you just don’t want me to castrate you for my own benefit? Wow, I’m touched. Jeff, why don’t we imagine someone saying the same thing to you at a random moment? Imagine that when you downloaded this little girl… I was sitting by your side, saying, “Stop, don’t do that to yourself.” Would you have listened? “Stop. Don’t do that to yourself.”“

This is a story about a child predator that gets what he deserves. When fourteen year old Hayley Stark (Ellen Page) sparks a flirty online relationship with thirty-two year old photographer Jeff Kohlver (Patrick Wilson), things get really weird and inappropriate when she agrees to meet at a local coffee shop. He thinks he’s winning a young girls trust when in reality, SHE is the one doing the real plotting. He “lures” the young girl back to his home where she drugs and interrogates him for the recent disappearance of a local teenager. The shear psychological trauma this little girl puts a grown man through is enough to make you cringe. The ending is unpredictable and shocking. Hayley Stark eventually uncovers the sick photographer for what he is and she convinces him to end it all then and there.

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  • Amazonwmn

    You have earned my eternal love for putting Repo on here, you have great taste!!