Anyone who has read my list article knows that I am a bit partial to certain types and genres of films. Science-Fiction films are some of my favorites, and of those, any involving space travel I am particularly partial to. I have often dreamed of walking (or floating actually) in zero-g, and looking down on the Earth, or even better, another planet. I guess, at 47, I can pretty much kiss that idea goodbye, with this old body. Even if , eventually, civilians will travel into space, to other galaxies, anywhere. Some day we may find other species’ out there, but for now we a resigned to watching it on film. One of the best things about a well-rounded space-travel film are the scenes of space or EVA (Extra Vehicular Activity) walks. There are quite a few things that make a good EVA scene and the following films have, in my opinion, the best.

#8 – Armageddon (1998)

Director: Michael Bay

The film is about NASA recruiting a group of misfit oil-drilling experts to fly into space to land on a giant asteroid that is heading towards Earth on a collision course. The EVA scenes are not exactly floating in space walks since the asteroid has some gravity, but the exterior scenes are quite amazing. Not only that but the surface of the asteroid itself is very cool.

#7 – Europa Report (2013)

Director: Sebastián Cordero

The plot involves a crew of astronauts from various countries are put together for a privately funded mission to find out if there is life on the largest of Jupiter’s moon. The best EVA walks also occur on the surface rather than in complete space, but they are fantastic as the YouTube clip below shows. The details of the CGI are incredible even if the plot of the movie itself is a little thin.

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