There is nothing like a good book turned into an even BETTER film, am I right? When taking the most vivid and beautiful of novels, we can’t even BEGIN to imagine how difficult it might be to do them justice in film, yet somehow, our superstar directors and producers have managed to create some REALLY beautiful pieces of film (and others… not so much). Before there was film, there was the good ole’ pen and paper, right? Anyways, here are out 10 favorite books that were gracefully transformed into stellar movies; hopefully you will agree with our super- list!

10) Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

We start off our list with a magical book from our childhoods turned into an even more magical film. Both the original film version and the newer Tim Burton adaptation are equally magnificent (in different and contrasting ways), and we really feel like adding the film aspect to this story has done nothing except enhance the magic and majesty from the world that is Willy Wonka.

9) The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

A creepy book turned into a brilliantly dark film (both the new and the old version) definitely had to make its way on our list! The film brought a new understanding to this lengthy book in a way that only film has the power to do. It helped us vividly understand the characters and really follow the story lines at the edge of our seats! Wonderful work!

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  • lot

    if you read and loved and grew up with the books, you wouldn’t think the harry potter series are good on screen….

    • Rohan

      Many do. It’s a case of Your Mileage May Vary.

    • Dexter

      Uhm, I do. I’ve read them all.
      Dude, J.K Rowling likes the films. They’re really well done.
      Sure they left out a few things, but they got all the important shit.

      Also, where is Holes?
      I read that book twice before I saw the movie and it’s almost identical.

    • Joel Sullivan

      Goblet of Fire was the only one that wasn’t the best transition. The rest of the series was fine

      • lot

        fine? yes, good, let alone great? no

        • Joel Sullivan

          They were great

  • Kelsey

    Why is Because of Winn-Dixie not on this list?!

  • Sol

    The Help was a fantastic book to screen transition. It should have made the list.

  • Natalija Milojević

    One does simply not put The Hunger games closer to top 1 then The lord of the rings!
    You people are mentally ill. With due respect. Thanks for reading.

  • Cody

    If you’ve read The Shining, you see that the movie was not a great transition to film. It’s a great horror movie, by all means a shining classic (pun intended), and deserves a spot here (but not #1) but it falls so flat compared to the amazing book. And how did something like The Hunger Games make this list, when there was no mention of real film from books, like The Road, or No Country for Old Men, A Clockwork Orange, The Exorcist, etc?

  • Juan

    Lord of the Rings deserves to be much higher on the list….much higher

    • Granger M

      Not really, there was a great deal missing in the films. Would have needed a trilogy for each book to get everything from the books to film.

  • Lau

    You clearly didn’t read The Shining. The movie, though good, was a poor adaptation of the book and Stephen King hates it because of it.

    • Shannon

      I was going to say the same thing! Glad I read your comment first…but, yes, Mr. King hated the film version of his and made another film that follows the book…unfortunately, his version isn’t a good as the original Shining….IMO

  • rca1950

    I would include To Kill a Mockingbird

  • natasha

    who ever made this list needs to give their head a shake. The Hunger Games and the Harry Potter movies were done terribly.

    • Joel Sullivan

      Harry Potter was a great film series

  • nothsidekillaz

    Bull!!! What about dune?!?!? Or fear and loathing?!?!? This list is BS!

  • Granger M

    A Clockwork Orange was probably the best transition from book to film ever, can not understand why it is not on the list.
    Also 300, the book was a comic book, but the only difference I found between the book and the film was that the spear that Leonidas threw at Xerces, hit the wrong side of Xerces face. So in my mind, that also should be considered a very good transition from book to film.

  • Markus Siltamäki

    You fucked up, The Shining book is nothing like the movie!
    Did a 9 year old write this article?

  • Daniel McMurtry

    You put Hunger Games on here rather than the far superior Battle Royale?

    I don’t know why I keep coming onto this website, the lists are awful!

    • Joel Sullivan

      PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale?

      • matt

        You are an idiot.

        • Joel Sullivan

          No, I’m not. You obviously don’t understand sarcasm

      • guest


        Please google Battle Royale movie. Then google the book, then the manga (maybe). Read/watch these and enlighten yourself.

  • KC

    The Perks Of Being A Wallflower.

    Seriously. Read the book four years ago, love it. Own the movie, love it.

  • Alissa

    Why is Fight Club not included on this list??????????????

  • Son-Kayo

    Lord of the RIngs need to be a lot higher!!! (especially if you played any of the games because movies + games = books, nearly everything is in it after all)
    also the girl with the dragon tattoo totally sucked! i mean the american remake…the swedish original was great and totally deserves it to be in this ranking, but the remake…not at all…