20. Blazing Saddles

Directed by comedy genius, Mel Brooks, Blazing Saddles is one of the most hilariously offensive movies that have ever been made. With its random humor and blatant racism, you hate to love it. The film is set in the old west when a black man is appointed to sheriff of Rock ridge in an attempt to get the townsfolk to move. Hilarity ensues when the sheriff must work his way out of countless predicaments and eventually help save the town and its people.

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  • TD

    Yeah…no. No National Lampoon’s Animal House? No National Lampoon’s Vacation? No Caddyshack? How old was the writer of this awful list, 14? For that matter, Duck Soup, Some Like it Hot, Philadelphia Story, Arsenic and Old Lace, Kentucky Fried Movie, Sleeper, hell, even Fired Up was funnier than Pineapple Express and Knocked Up. If you’re going to put the “Of All Time” monicker on a list like this, you’re going to have to dig a little deeper.

  • Juan

    This is not of all time….this list is terrible! To be blunt it’s bad not to include classics like Some Like It Hot….the best in my opinion…or other funnier films like Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil, 21 Jumpstreet, The Other Guys, Anchorman, Elf, This Is The End….I can go on and on….You clearly need to watch way more films

    • ndiejrb

      Dude it’s just personal preference. Make your own website and lists if you don’t agree.

    • jay

      takes juan to know juan

  • cool Hwip

    all i say is Juan is right. he’s missing Anchorman (rest of his movies not close). and most of all missing super troopers

  • Aaron

    Spaceballs is the only one I agree with. Well haven’t seen Blazing Saddles or Young Frankenstein. So… but come on National Lampoons Vacation? Christmas Vacation? Ghostbusters? History of the World? Happy Gilmore? The Great Outdoors? Major League? Rush Hour? Liar Liar? The Replacements? Dodgeball? Shaun of the Dead? Rat Race?!