I really enjoy a good Sci-Fi film as anyone who has ever read my articles can attest. My favorite science-fiction movies are ones involving space travel, but my other favorite type of film may not necessarily be sci-fi. These are films that take place underwater in a place that is almost as mystical and wonderful as space, maybe even more so. I have done a bit of scuba diving myself and it is truly another world down there. I have enjoyed several types of underwater films, some taking place on submarines, some having just a lot of diving scenes. All of them are exciting, especially the ones that show a combination of the natural underwater life along with the interesting technology used to get there. There is also something that really gets the adrenalin going about underwater combat aboard submarines. There are also quite a goodly amount of TV shows also within this realm, like SeaQuest and The Deep series. As far as movies, though, I have combined the best sub films and underwater sci-fi and action films to make this list. If you missed any of these they are definitely worth a look.

#8 – The Deep (1977)

Director: Peter Yates
Stars: Jacqueline Bisset, Nick Nolte, Dick Anthony Williams, Robert Shaw

A couple take a diving vacation to the tropics of Bermuda where, on a dive, they discover some vials of morphine that appear to have been aboard a wrecked ship at one time. They end up coming across a group of treasure hunters involved with drug smugglers and the problems begin. This is a pretty exciting movie for the mid seventies with some really great underwater scenes.

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  • Brent

    Men of Honour?

  • Aaron

    Down Periscope? I mean, its not a AMAZING movie with awesome special effects, A+ acting, but its freaking hilarious!

    • johnny


  • mikeal

    Down periscope. The most accurate sub movie ever made. Come one it should be #1