Better than a documentary, we can NEVER tear our eyes away from a well-acted, life- story film based on some of our favorite iconic figures from history. The majority of the greats have been done, but we certainly are missing a great many movies for people that have helped shape our world into what it is today! Although it was a very difficult process, we were able to narrow a list down to the top 10 iconic figures (some old and some new) that deserve their own life stories to be adapted for film (and you won’t BELIEVE our list!) So read on and be sure to let us know what you think in the comment section below!

10) Senator Wendy Davis

Newly added to our history books, we have a feeling that there will soon at LEAST be a television movie dedicated to the heroic acts of Senator Wendy Davis and the Stand With Texas movement of Summer 2013. We would love to see Connie Britton from Friday Night Lights star as Ms. Davis herself. This woman’s story needs to be told; it just needs to.

9) Sophocles

One of the staples of Greek philosophy and the origin of “theater” itself definitely deserves a movie PURELY dedicated to his life story. Lord knows just how interesting that one will be! We can’t even BEGIN to imagine the crazy things that might happen on screen! Jim Carey maybe?

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  • Lau

    A film about JK Rowling exists

    • Nobody

      I was just about to say the same :o
      Shame on you!

  • Amazonwmn

    Umm…My Immortal Beloved, only one of the most famous movies about composers ever? What freakin “research” did you do on Beethoven? Duh. And come on, Patrick Swayze? Get real. He had a great butt, was a sweet guy, and a good dancer. But it isn’t like he moved the world when he acted. And Amy Winehouse lived, sang 3 popular songs, and died. There ya go. Your taste and ideas are dubious at best

  • Becca

    I film about Grace Kelly comes out in like November staring Nicole Kiddman