Paul Bettany is best known for his acting career, but he’s making the break into directing with indie movie Shelter. Details of the script, which Bettany wrote, are sketchy, but the one thing we do know is that he’s managed to bag himself an Academy Award winning actress to play the lead. Impressive for a new director, but then he has an advantage in that he’s married to Jennifer Connelly, who’s agreed to work in the project. Esteemed actor Anthony Mackie has also been signed up, but beyond that, little is known about the new movie.

Connelly met Bettany while they were working together on A Beautiful Mind, the film which saw her take home the Oscar. Since then, she’s put in a number of stellar performances in films such as Blood Diamond, Inkheart and The Dilemma and with the cast Bettany’s putting together, Shelter is shaping up to be something special.

Connelly’s post Academy Award career has gone from strength to strength; however, here are some actors whose careers haven’t done nearly as well since they first accepted their Oscar.

5. Mira Sorvino

Mira Sorvino won the Best Supporting Actress Award for her portrayal of Linda Ash in Woody Allen’s Mighty Aphrodite. Linda is the biological mother of Lenny Weinrib (Allen)’s adopted son and Lenny goes on a quest to track her down. Discovering that her life isn’t exactly wholesome, Lenny attempts to help Linda turn her life around, but things don’t go exactly to plan.

The Academy Award wasn’t the only one Sorvino won for her performance – she won an impressive eight different awards. Anyone watching would be forgiven for believing that she had a glittering career ahead of her, with Mighty Aphrodite being just the start of something big.

Instead, she co-starred in Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion, a lightweight comedy that lacked the charm and warmth of Mighty Aphrodite. As far as film careers are concerned, it was all downhill after that, but Sorvino turned her attention to television, and has received Golden Globe and Emmy nominations for her work.

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