We all have those childhood stars that we have seen grow up like the children of our own- admit it! We’ve seen them start out as babies and grow up on the screen while playing some of our favorite roles. There is nothing more extraordinary (and okay… sometimes a LITTLE bit freaky) than a superb child- actor, and although there are PLENTY, we have narrowed our list down to our 10 favorite. These stars started young and captured our hearts by playing some of the most challenging roles alongside some of the most iconic actors in Hollywood. We’ve loved watching them evolve and grow and we can’t wait to see what the future has in store for these bright lights! Here we go!

10) Lindsay Lohan

Although Lindsay had a bit of a… downfall… her work growing up was definitely something that needed to be recognized and added to this list! From The Parent Trap to Freaky Friday and to even Georgia Rule; this girl has some SERIOUS talent that NOBODY can deny! Let’s just cross our fingers and hope she gets back on the right track!

9) Selena Gomez

A girl who started out as a generic Disney television star has certainly paved her way and blossomed into a wonderful career! She has moved on to starring in some BIG screen hits as well as having a multimillion-dollar recording deal. She was once cute as a button, and now at just twenty years old, she is absolutely BEAUTIFUL. Keep on going, Selena!

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  • Rogue

    Where’s Saoirse Ronan in all of this? ^^

  • katroy13

    I am Sam was Sean Penn, not DeNiro, that was Hide and Seek

  • Faith

    Where’s Johnny Depp? He was in the original nightmare on elm street when he was a kid?

  • Faith

    And Kristen Stewart?