Just when he was all set to feature in Guillermo del Toro’s latest thrillier, Crimson Peak, it’s been announced that Benedict Cumberbatch will no longer be featuring in the cast list. No explanation has been released and he’s not the only cast member to have needed to be replaced – Emma Stone’s part will now be played by Mia Wasikowska.

Still, Cumberbatch’s loss is someone else’s gain and it’s not as though the actor is short of work, with The Imitation Game about to start filming and other films featuring him due for release soon, including The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug and August: Osage County.
It’s not the first time an actor has been replaced on a movie. Here’s a list of actors that would have made some classic films very different if they had been able to play the role they were originally hired for.

5. Eric Stoltz – Back to the Future

Back to the Future is one of the best films to have come out of the ‘80s. Starring Michael J Fox as Marty McFly, a teenager who accidently travels back 30 years in time to 1955. He encounters the teenagers destined to become his parents and his mother becomes attracted to him. In order to avoid all sorts of yuckiness, not to mention irreparable damage to the space/time continuum, Marty needs to get his parents to fall in love with each other and, of course, find a way to return to his own time.

Marty McFly was the role that firmly established Michael J Fox as one of the top Hollywood heartthrobs of his day, but originally, the part was meant to go to Eric Stoltz after Fox, the original original choice was unavailable for filming thanks to his work on the TV series Family Ties. Impressing the producers with his performance as Roy L Dennis in Mask, Stoltz was given the part.

However, after five weeks it became apparent that Stoltz wasn’t the right fit for McFly. The role demanded impeccable comedic timing and Stoltz’s work was apparently too dramatic and intense. Despite adding an extra $3 million to the budget, it was decided to reshoot Stoltz’s scenes and the Marty McFly we all know and love was born.

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    Dougray Scott would have been my choice for wolverine, he’s seriously intense when he’s acting