So the long wait is over and the internet is abuzz with the news that Ben Affleck has been cast as Batman in the forthcoming Batman/Superman crossover. Affleck already has a history with Warner and Zach Snyder, who will be directing the film, has said that he believes that Affleck is the perfect foil to Henry’s Superman, given his experience and on screen charisma.

Fans are divided, some citing the poorly received Daredevil, while others think that such a big name will overshadow the film. It’s certainly going to be interesting seeing how Affleck lives up to the part. Have a look at some of his previous films to see if you think he’s the right choice for the role.


Gigli was highly anticipated because Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez were in a relationship when they made the film together. However, it soon gained notoriety as one of the worst films ever made and made less than $4 million on its opening weekend compared to the over $75 million it cost to make.

It tells the story of Larry Gigli (Affleck), a gangster with a soft centre. He is given the mission of kidnapping and killing the mentally disabled younger brother, Brian (Justin Bartha) of a top lawyer to save mob boss Starkman (Al Pacino) from prison. Gigli easy lures Brian away with the promise of a trip ‘to the Baywatch’ but the gangster who’d ordered the kidnapping (Lenny Venito) decides that he doesn’t trust Gigli to see the job through, so he brings in Ricki (Lopez) to take over.

The film has very little to recommend it and received no fewer than seven Golden Raspberries, including Worst Actor and Actress and Worst Comedy of our First 25 Years (awarded a year later). It also received five Stinkers Bad Movie Awards, including Worst On-Screen Couple.

Ben and Jen split up not long after.

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  • TD

    Affleck was pretty bad in “Dazed and Confused,” but I think he’s underrated as an actor and certainly as a director. Check out “Man About Town,” and “Jersey Girl” for two lesser-known gems.