As a big fan of film of movies, it is inevitable that I end up running into news on the stars of those movies. Even though I am not into the gossip of Hollywood, I have been able to collect enough on my own to know who the worst behaved stars are, and what they have done to deserve that title. The following is a short list of those who I think deserve that title. See if you agree.

#7 – Winnona Ryder, the Thief:

Winnona is generally a talented and very well known actress with a successful career. She has been nominated for an Academy Award, and stared in such hit movies as Beetlejuice and Girl Interrupted. She has always had the reputation of being a bit wild, but in December of 2001 a new behavior confused everyone. She was arrested for allegedly stealing thousands of dollars worth of clothing and other items from Saks Fifth Avenue in Beverly Hills. The employees were a little confused at her behavior, knowing that she could afford all the things she was taking. They finally were forced to call the police, and she was charged with four felonies including theft, burglary and vandalism. The vandalism was for tearing the anti-theft tags off the cloths. She plead innocent, and in 2002 was convicted of theft and vandalism, and put on three years’ probation with a fine of $2,700. Ryder was also ordered by the court to pay more than $7,000 in restitution. For all intents and purposes she has behaved fairly well since then. I guess everyone is allowed a few mistakes.

#6 – Shannen Doherty the bitch:

You know Shannon, she played that nice young woman, Brenda Walsh, on the Beverly Hills 90210 series. Unfortunately the girl on the screen was not the real woman. Doherty’s nasty behavior off-screen, and constant tardiness, eventually got her fired in 1994. The show went on and did quite well. Shannon kept on trying, but each job ended the same way. She became famous again in Charmed, a TV series about witchcraft, but that role went on in much the same way apparently. Now the only place you can see Shannon Doherty is in an occasion online college commercial. Ah it’s ok, I couldn’t stand her much anyway.

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  • TD

    If you’re going to write about someone, for God sake, spell their name right! It’s “Winona” not “Winnona.” You guys really need a copy editor (I know a good one, contact me).