Have you ever seen a movie and had your eyes COMPLETELY drawn to an actor or actress that you hadn’t REALLY ever seen before? Yeah, us too; A LOT. Time after time, we get a little bit “stuck” in what we like to call a “talent rut”, which means that we get looped into watching a list of similar films with the same ole’ actors and actresses that we know and love. When we are cruising along in this rut, we get thrown by SURPRISE when someone out of the blue comes in and COMPLETELY knocks us out of the water! In light of this, we are here to present to you a list of 10 incredibly talented actors that we have recently “discovered” and NEED to see more from! Hope you enjoy!

10) Lea Michele

We fell in love with her on Glee and we first spotted her on the big screen in the rom-com hit, New Year’s Eve. Where oh Where did Lea Michele go? This girl is seriously talented, both in singing and in acting, but we would LOVE to see her do some straight film acting in maybe a drama perhaps? God knows she has the talent!

9) Logan Lerman

He broke out on the scene in the recent film, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, and since then, we haven’t been able to get him off our minds! He is more than just the generic “indie film” actor; he has some SERIOUS talent. We fear that he will get trapped in the indie…weird… films, so we hope that he lands something on the MEGA screen soon!

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  • Bence Korsós

    Dev Patel also did two seasons of the british skins series

  • mere

    Who wrote this article?? What’s with the constant CAPITALS? It’s ANNOYING. Please, STOP. And the information is for shit. Logan Lerman isnt an indie actor, he was Percy Jackson before Perks, and that has a huge fanbase. And Samantha Barks has the talent of God?! What does that even mean?
    Ugh, Celebrityy has changed so quickly from a decent read to sounding like a 16year olds fangirl blog.

    • Kathlyn Beal

      And it is necessary to end every sentence with an exclamation point! I don’t think so!

  • Andy Geeraerts

    You tottaly forgot Ezra Miller in this list.

  • RELax NJoy

    Dev Patel is ALSO in Newsroom on HBO currently. questionable industry awareness. may want to try imdb for some research rather than just pulling it… off the top of your head. ;)

  • TD

    You guys really need to do some research. Mae Whitman has been in motions pictures since she was six years old (do Independence Day, Hope Floats, or Bye Bye Love ring a bell?). I agree with one of the other posters; this website’s quality has dropped a bit due to the sheer hyperbole of the obviously very young writers. A lot of us love movies and we realize that there are films that were made farther back than just the last couple of years. Your writers should check some of them out.

    • B Maky

      Not to mention she does the voice of Tinkerbell (huge fan base and money maker) & was in Scotty Pilgrim vs. The World. And those are the two that come to mind immediately when I hear her name.

  • Jman

    Wendi McLendon-Covey was on Reno 911 for like 6 years or something. She’s probably been around film and tv for over 10 years. Not sure how much more you need to see.