As Children we enjoyed hundreds of animated pictures and T.V. shows. Most of which we grow out of, only to forget them in our later years. However, there are some animated films that resonate with us so much that we cant help but enjoy them as an adult as well. We pass these stories down to our children, who enjoy them just as much as we did. The movies that helped to shape us as kids are still with us today as a form of entertainment that can be underrated at times. There are literally hundreds of animated films out there to choose from but we have complied a list of the top five best animated movies of all time. Don’t be too upset if your childhood favorite didn’t make the cut. They are all special in some way.

5. Tarzan (1999)

Everything about this movie is just epic. From the very beginning it sucks you in with a compelling tale of an English couple who ship wrecked onto a deserted island and have no choice but to build a home there. They build a house in the trees with smiling faces of hope and love. All of this going on with the musical genius Phil Collins singing in the background. To make things more difficult for them, the wife is pregnant and gives birth on the island to an adorable baby boy. The joy is cut short when a leopard sneaks into the house and kills the parents, leaving the infant child with no one to care for him. Soon a diamond back gorilla adopts him as her own when her own baby is hunted and killed in the beginning of the movie. Tarzan grows up as an outcast, different from the jungle creatures he is raised with.

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  • Medic

    I am kinda disappointed that not one Miyazaki fell was in this list

    • Juan

      True, Spirited Away is one of the best! :)

  • Cameron

    what about any of the toy story films?

  • Juan

    Finding Nemo is way better than Brave, and where are the Toy Story films? Seriously I feel that this site keeps making more bad lists than good. How To Train Your Dragon? Beauty and the Beast? Plus I think there should be seperate lists for traditional hand drawn animation and CGI based film. Your also forgetting Monster’s Inc., The Incredibles, and many others

  • Beau

    This is just like american ones shit list.

  • mccrocm

    Would have thought Beauty and the Beast would be there …

  • Freddyboy

    WHERE THE HELL IS BROTHER BEAR? No, but really almost any animated disney movie could be on this list. The only thing which is for sure, is that Lion King is actually the king of animated movies.

  • SaLlypselon

    No Shrek??